Developr – Fully Responsive Admin Skin

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Developr - Fully Responsive Admin Skin
Building a web app for desktop and mobile devices? Developr is for you. Write your code once, and let it handle the magic of responsive webdesign.

Developr Admin skin is a flexible responsive HTML5/CSS3 template, built on the mobile- and based on the solid fundations of 5 Boilerplate and 320andUp, which provides a rich set of styles and features for all your needs.

Fluid design with 5 different layouts ranging from to wide screen.
12 columns CSS grid with the ability to set custom sizes for each responsive layout.
All elements are responsive too: navigation, tabs, notifications, agenda, forms, tables, content panels…

Built-in plugins

Powerfull and highly : tooltips, modal windows, notifications, confirmation message, tabs, styled form elements, navigable and , content panels…
Most plugins allow inline configuration with classes and data attributes – no script needed.
Plugins are touch-screen ready

Everything you need

Ready to use styles for most needed features: lists, tables, agenda, calendars, galleries, files, blocks, forms, icons, messages, sliders, progress… And much more.
Includes plugins for editor, date picker, table sorting…
Large set of utility classes to build your own styles and elements in no time and without touching CSS: layout, colors, shadows, gradients, position…


9 colors sets with for each one a solid background color, a border color, a gradient, a hover style and an active style
122 vector icons using the awesome icon webfont Entypo
Many visual elements to provide additional informations and customize your elements easily
3 different tabs styles
Several columns styles
Agenda styles, with full-week view and automatic scrolling for smaller screens
New! 30 days calendar, in 4 sizes and fluid layout
New! files lists and icons
New! Images gallery
Events list
2 tables styles, both responsive and sortable
6 Error pages: 400, 401, 403, 404, 418, 500 and 503
Complete form styling with replacement for checkbox, radios, selects and highly customizable -like switches


Automatic template setup: all your plugins fired automatically, everywhere
Responsive changes events and control methods
Innovative size change events
Most plugins use inline options for shorter and smarter code
Navigable menus (like iOS configuration menus)
6 different ways to display information to user:
Complete notification system, with ability to use browser’s desktop notifications when available
Messages styles and API
Powerful modal window with replacement for default alert, confirm and prompt
Flexible and highly customizable tooltips
Confirmation on links and buttons, just by adding a class
Information bubbles to provide help to the user
Custom scroll (touch compatible)
New! Content panels
Flexible and customizable sliders and progress bars, with a complete API and 70+ options
Auto-resizing textareas
WYSIWYG editor
Compatible with IE7+ and all modern browsers

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