WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates

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WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates

We’ve developed a new module called Advanced search and Bulk Import.

What’s so special about this module? Well you can browse trough All Amazon’s product categories , subcategories and so on.

Also depending on category, you can search products by Brand, Condition, Manufacturer, Maximum Minimum price, Merchant Id , Product off and of course by Bestsellers, Rank, Sales flag, and so on.
After that you can bulk import 10 products at a time, with a limit of 10 pages per category.

The plugin is compatilble with the new Woocommerce 2.0!

Bulk by ASIN & Backup your Store Products!

You can now add hundred of products at once into your store by ASIN codes!
Also, you can backup your current amazon store products by ASIN as well!

Allow sorting of the search (in bulk import) by Sales rank, Newest arrivals, Price rank, Bestsellers, Featured items, Review rank, Relevance rank, Alphabetical: A to Z & much more depending on category!

WOOCommerce Amazon Affiliates – is a product that allows you to import in your WOOCommerce store in no time!

One time setup in just using wordpress platform and import products directly from amazon in just a flash! How would you like to import thousands of products from amazon in your WOOCommerce store in just minutes?

With our WOOCommerce Amazon AffiliatesWordPress Plugin you can bulk import hundred of products from Amazon store in just a flash.

Also you can import products into a certain category! With this feature you can import at once on your WOOCommerce Store in just minutes! Search by keywords, select the products that you want, and click import! It doesn’t get any easier!

Here are the main features of our latest plugin:

Import Amazon products from any Amazon location ( Available countries: United States, , , France, Japan, Canada, , Italia, Espana)
Add your affiliate custom settings (affiliate ID and Access/Secret Keys)
Bulk import hundred of products into your website in just a flash! You can import products with Amazon category or import in custom category.
External checkout using Amazon cart system
Products synchronisation module – keep your Amazon products up to date!
Framework based on modules manager (you must activate the modules in order to show up/ work)

What you will need in order to use the WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates – WordPress Plugin :

WordPress 3.4 +
WOOCommerce WordPress Plugin – Version 1.6.3 +
Amazon account (https://aws.amazon.com/) in order to get Secret/Access Keys
Amazon affiliate account (https://affiliate-program.amazon.com/) in order to get the money!

Server requirements :

SOAP class
PHP version : 5 +

What containts the package that you downloaded :
First of all please, using WinRar unzip the package that you downloaded, don’t try to install the whole archive as plugin on wordpress because it won’t work.

A folder called Plugin that contains a zip archive that you must install as plugin on WordPress
User manual (a pdf file)

Buy & Live Demo

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