Styles with Shortcodes for WordPress

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Styles with Shortcodes for WordPress

Have you ever been in the situation where you have a great looking WordPress theme, but you are missing some custom styling for different ?

Maybe you don’t know PHP, CSS and Javascript and are not able to implement the cool feature you are missing.

Styles with Shortcodes is the solution for this problem. This plugin lets you customize content faster and easier than ever before by using Shortcodes.

Choose from 100 built in Shortcodes like; jQuery , Tabs and Toogle, Tooltips, Column Shortcodes, Gallery and Image Shortcodes, , Alert Box Styles, Pullquotes, Blockquotes, Twitter buttons, Retweet button, Facebook Like, Follow me on Twitter buttons, Linkedin, Google +1, Flattr and many more!

You can even create your own Shortcodes and share them with friends and other people who also uses the Styles with Shortcodes plugin. It has never been easier to add nice looking styling elements to your WordPress powered website without any knowledge of coding.

And if you do know HTML, PHP, CSS and Javascript you can create cool shortcodes and share them with others.

You could also use the plugin for your clients website and then have them purchase additional shortcodes. The possibilities are endless!


100 built in preset Shortcodes + 87 Shortcodes for everyone that enter their License Key (FREE Downloadble Content)
Built-in Lightbox (Support for images and videos, 7 different themes, Animation from top or bottom. Set animation duration. Support for the following video formats:, .com,, .com, .com, .com,,,
New: Visual Columns (Responsive)
Get a quick overview of all shortcodes in the system
Create your own custom Shortcodes
Enter Shortcodes into different Categories
Enable or Disable “autop” settings in WordPress
Enable or Disable Shortcodes in
Add allowed external URL’s for the build in thumbnail generator (Supports CDN)
Option to Restore Bundles
Shortcode Insert Tool: Choose between the standard “[ ] Add Shortcode” icon above the visual editor or Shortcode tool in a Metabox
Support for Custom Post Types (enable Shortcodes in individual custom post types)
Easy Import new Shortcodes
Easy Export Shortcodes
Automatic Update Notification
Downloadable Content (Only users with valid License Key). Download Bundles with additional Shortcodes and free Add-ons.

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