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Simple Contact Slider is a very easy to use plugin for adding classic contact form into any and all pages of your WordPress powered website.

Contact form is responsive, hidden behind the tab on the left or right side of the screen, and it is sliding into the screen when user clicks on tab.

Depending on the screen size, width of the form will get smaller, and if needed, will appear.

Form has validation built in for fields that are required, and it can have from 3 to 14 fields displayed.

Plugin is ideal for most websites where you need simple way for visitors to get in touch, using effective slider method to hide the contact form.

You can use to create new styles from scratch, or start from starter styles that are included in the docs folder.

You can create styles with , changed fonts, all changed colors and more. No knowledge of CSS is needed to use the style builder.

Main Plugin Features

Integration with MailChimp for newsletter subscribe feature.
Slider is responsive and works well with small screens.
Includes 10 default schemes for slider tab and contact form.
Easy to use style builder to create new color styles.
Change screen location and for slider tab and form.
Change size of the slider tab with different width and height.
Display effects rounded edges and shadows.
Control on what website pages you want contact slider displayed.
Customize all labels and messages displayed in the contact form.
Customize HTML and Text email for .
Uses NiceScroll JS plugin for nice and touch ready scrollbars.
Uses spin.js plugin for waiting animation without animated gif.
Tools to export and import all plugin settings.

How plugin works?

When visitor fills in and sends the contact form, plugin takes the data and creates email that is sent to you (to any email you provide in plugin settings).

Plugin is not saving any contact messages into database. Based on the Anti-spam settings, submissions are checked for spam and filtered out if needed.

Supported Fields

Plugin includes total of 12 fields for contact form:

Basic and always active fields: email, name and message
Standard fields: subject, website, dropdown, phone, gender and country
Special fields: subscribe, send copy to sender and sent to selected email
Extra unnamed fields: two optional fields for various usage

Anti-spam protection
Plugin offers 4 methods of protecting the form against spam messages:

Honeypot: extra field that normal users can’t fill
Referrer: missing referrer is pointing to spam submission
Bot Detection: detect one of the 50 most common spiders and bots
Banned IP’s: list of IP’s to prevent from using contact form

Honeypot and Referrer traps can gather IP’s from detected bots and prevent them from accessing the contact form in the future.
Other Plugin Features

Email templates support use of many different data tags
Control the email message FROM field in the header
Control form visibility if accessed on mobile device
Email message can include page from where the contact form was open
Add extra CSS classes to main slider elements for extra styling
Support for Right to Left languages with additional stylesheet
Support translation and includes POT file


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