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Modal Contact Form for WordPress.

Our Modal Contact Form for WordPress lets you easily add a stylish contact form to your WordPress blog. It comes with the usual name, email, message fields, as well as support to prevent spam.

Its simple to get started – in most cases just activate the plugin and your ready!


Adds a ‘contact us’ button to your WordPress site
Contact form appears inside a /lightbox (powered by Facebox)
reCaptcha antispam
Capture the users IP address and user agent along with their message.


Upload the ninety-modal-contact plugin folder to your wp-content/plugins/ directory.
Activate the plugin from the WordPress admin panel
Your ready! In the WP admin panel you will now see the ‘Modal Contact’ section under settings.

Contact form not showing? not working?

Most good themes contain the required wp_head/wp_footer hooks – if yours does not you will need to add them to your theme’s .php files.

Want to add fields?

There are hooks and actions to add new fields:

(action) before_ninety_message – before the on the contact form (action) after_ninety_message – after the on the contact form (action) process_ninety_modal_contact_form – done when validating fields from the form (filter) ninety_modal_contact_form_message – lets you change the sent message (filter) ninety_modal_contact_sent_to – change who to send the email to, by default its the admin

Additonal Notes / Support

If you find a bug with this plugin please give us full details in the comments section on CodeCanyon. From here we will assist.

However, we will not assist with styling and customisation issues – this is beyond the scope of support and should be performed by a developer/designer.

The form is provided as-is so if you want to add new fields etc etc go for it! Read above, just don’t ask us for instructions because its beyond the scope of the contact form we provide


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