Justified Image Grid – Premium WordPress Gallery

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Justified Image Grid - Premium WordPress Gallery

This responsive WordPress gallery plugin aligns your thumbnails into a justified grid using jQuery.

and both like this. Present your galleries in an eye-catching and unique new way!

It can replace the standard WP galleries as [justified_image_grid] with lots of new features and options. WordPress will manage the galleries and this plugin will display them.

Or alternatively you can load images from Facebook, Flickr, Instagram or use NextGEN gallery as an /source.

Or just make a responsive banner of Recent posts using their featured images! Also works with custom post types. Filter the thumbnails by tags or any taxonomy!

: row height, appearance, special effects like desaturation, color overlay with magnifier icon, borders, multiple captions, free and premium lightboxes, mouse activated animation…

It’s easy to install and comes with 18 presets out of the box. The setup is a breeze with two admin areas: the plugin settings and the Shortcode Editor (you can edit your previously generated shortcodes!).

About 200 settings are spread over a tabbed interface in two admin areas for quick access.

The settings are available to change on a per gallery basis, extending the and presets. No coding skills are required. There is no need to remember shortcode attributes/values because of the Shortcode Editor that has examples and contextual help.

Your download includes an extensive 50 pages PDF documentation with full settings reference, troubleshooting guide and clickable bookmarks – table of contents. There are also some narrated HD videos available.

An excellent, fast-response support is provided with guaranteed reply. It covers installation, technical and .
Buy with confidence, the author is here to help!


Automatically align images to a justified gallery keeping their
Responsive: adapts to the resolution of any device, provided your theme is also responsive. Try resizing the browser window! It’ll adjust as you stop dragging.
Uses the WordPress native way of creating galleries, you can use your pre-existing galleries

Facebook compatibility: use the Facebook authorization manager tool and the shortcode editor to visually select your Facebook album to load (page and user albums as well). Or just display all albums in your content using the Facebook overview feature – automatically create separate pages for the albums or just open them in the lightbox. API Requests are cached.

Flickr compatibility: load photos from a user’s Photostream, Favorites, Group pools, Photosets, Galleries! Includes a user manager tool. No authentication required. Optional backlink to the photo on Flickr is available. API Requests are cached.

Instagram compatibility: load your feed, your recent photos, or your liked photos! Also, automatic content aggregation by Instagram tags, recent photos by any user.

Furthermore pick any location or venue in the world to pull photos from, using Instagram and Worldcam! Optional backlink to the photo on Instagram is available. API Requests are cached.

NextGEN Gallery integration, full support for nested albums and galleries, tag gallery, tag album, recent images, random images (all photos or from a gallery), individual photos, permalinks, custom links, limit, load more or hidden limit is used instead of pagination. You can transfrom your already established site using NextGEN shortcodes to use this plugin for the looks, in a matter of minutes!

Compatible with NGG Custom Fields for custom links on NextGEN images
Built-in breadcrumb for Nextgen with lots of options
Recent posts: Create a homepage banner of the (recent) posts (or your custom post type) using their featured images, filter by categories, display categories/tags in the caption, or show an automatic excerpt trimmed to x words as well as your manual exceprt, author name, time…

Filter using tag cloud or buttons by the terms of any taxonomy, ony the fly, for example: narrow WP posts, Flickr, Instagram or NextGEN content by tags! Extend WP post categories and tags to images to filter by. Works with custom post types with custom taxonomies. Compatible with Media Library Assistant.
Load more type of pagination with Infinite Scroll
Limit image count or maximum rows
Hidden limit – limit the number of thumbs but cycle all gallery images in the lightbox
Flexible, dynamic row height
On the fly special effects: cross-browser desaturation, glow, blur, sepia, edge detection effects

Retina Ready when using Jetpack Photon

Ability to crop images to a fixed aspect ratio (essentially similar to fixed width and height, but with reponsiveness in mind)

Ability randomize image width (without skewing image of course), this is the opposite of the previous feature, the fixed aspect ratio

Adds images to XML Sitemap with WordPress SEO plugin by Joost de Valk
Admin area 1: Main settings page with clean and logical tabs and sections
Admin area 2: Shortcode Editor for the attributes with the ability to edit existing shortcodes

Both admin areas feature contextual help

200 unique settings and shortcode attributes that you can change for each gallery
Mobile specific settings that apply when a mobile device is detected
Collaboration with premium lightboxes (WordPress plugins). These are FooBox which is social and responsive + the Social Gallery that allows Facebook/Disqus comments for the pictures. These are purchased separately.

Multiple free lightbox options bundled: a customized prettyPhoto with social sharing, ColorBox, PhotoSwipe – which is optimized for mobiles and features a touch swipe navigation between the images. It’s possible to use a different lightbox for mobile devices and for desktops. Also to disable the lightbox or to turn links off. Compatible with Jetpack’s Carousel, a full screen free lightbox.

prettyPhoto advanced deeplinking: Customized to Like images individually, with the Liked photo’s thumbnail showing up on Facebook, works with random order
Full deeplinking and extended social tools support for prettyPhoto: Like, Tweet, G+, Pin the individual images

Most important prettyPhoto settings are easily changeable, theme, social tools, deeplinking. Optional Google Analytics compatibility.

HTML tags support in lightbox captions

Custom link URL with video support – images with link target (_self/_blank/video)
Inner/Middle/Outer border with Inner/Outer shadow
Magnifier icon (can be changed) in the middle of the transparent color overlay
Error checking
Right click theft protection
Download link with browser pop-up to save the image
Ability to use multiple instances on one page
Option to hide the last row if incomplete or to match previous row’s height for same shaped images

You can choose any of the WordPress image fields (such as Title, Alternate Text, Caption, Description from Media Libray) to appear at any location as captions and in the lightboxes
Translation or localization ready with .po file (includes tinyMCE modal window texts)
Built-in tool to move images between posts in the Media Library without having to re-upload them

Crops the images as a last resort, can be set to never crop
Template tag generator in the shortcode editor, sidebar text widget shortcode compatibility

Features simply the best mouse enter/leave animation solution, hoverFlow for jQuery to solve the animation queue buildup
TimThumb prepares, resizes, caches the thumbnails for minimal bandwidth and resource usage. It’s also made cacheable by CloudFlare!

CDN support

Plugin files will only load when needed, not causing slowdown on other pages
Earn affiliate revenue by enabling a ‘powered by…’ link through your envato username
Continuous updates have been released and are to be expected as new feature suggestions and customization requests spotlight areas to improve. Also when 3rd party script authors release new versions. Bugs are to be eliminated when found.
Support is taken seriously, all efforts will be made to make an incompatibility go away. Also I listen to customer opinions and feature suggestions.

Note: The images and WordPress theme seen in the preview are not included in the download. Also this is not Pinterest style. The plugin is not compatible with purely AJAX-based sites and animated gifs as thumbnails. You can make feature requests in the comments section.

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