Google Plus Author Information in Search Results

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Google Plus Author Information in Search Results


Have you ever seen profile pictures beside search results on Google?

This plugin helps you to generate this + Author Information in search results by replacing the in your theme template with your Google+ .


Adds a special link to every post, page or your own custom post types so that Google can crawl your site and link it with your Google+ Profile.
It’s possible to replace the author link with your Google+ Profile link (if your theme supports this – if it does not you can add it at the top or bottom of your blog post, in the widget-area, or in the header of a webpage).
The plugin will add a special field in the authors profile page on your . Every author can include his own Google+ Profile URL.
The plugin checks automatically if the link was installed correctly.
New in Version 2.0: Link your Google+ Page with your website!
With a you can easily check how your results look like by using Google`s Rich Snippet .
A simple Step-By-Step-Guide is included in the settings-area in your WordPress Admin-Panel which guides you through the installation.
A detailed documentation will be delivered to you if you decide to buy the item. It contains a step-by-step guide as well as a FAQ-section.
Yes! It’s ready. English and German is included with the plugin already. A “translation.pot” file comes with the plugin for easily translate it to your own language.
Yes, it is multisite compatible!
What are you waiting for?

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