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Estro - jQuery Ken Burns & swipe effect sliderEstro – jQuery &

Welcome to “Estro” a super smooth jQuery slider plugin by pixelentity. “Estro” meaning “creativity”, “talent” or “inspiration”, in Italian, is a fitting monicker for this beautiful slider.

For the design of this slider we wanted to create a price of work which could form the centerpiece of your next web project. A starting point, who’s design and execution would inspire you and supercharge your work.

This jQuery plugin uses unobstrusive javascript to transform a block of simple into a georgous elegant slider, which can be completely customized using HTML5 data attributes.

The markup is valid HTML5 and SEO optimzied, with all content always being available to search engines. When using this plugin, your page layout will be consistent even if javascript has been disabled.

This slider includes a smooth and powerful Ken Burns effect which is completely configurable and compatible with all major browsers (including ie7 to ie9, Firefox Chrome, Opera, Safari) and mobile platforms like iphone / ipad.

If the Ken Burns effect is not your thing, that’s OK because the “Estro” slider also includes a 2-way “” mode with configurable transitions.

Multiple customized slider instances can happily live on the same page, and the slider offers a simple API to control the slider’s behaviour from within your .

To drastically reduce page loading times, lazy loading can be activated on a per image basis, so that images will only be loaded right before they need to be shown.

If you have downloaded your copy of this item before the dates noted below, then your copy does not include that specific update. To avail of these , please download the item again from your downloads page, and replace your previous version.
Update Jul 27th 2011

for iphone/idev, additional video for youtube/vimeo, general .

A 5 time faster, super smooth, brand new rendering engine built for iphone/ipad
Vimeo / Youtube iDevices compatible playback inside the component (html5/flash)
Vimeo / Youtube auto jump to next slide on video playback end feature
Youtube player using new dark skin
SEO : select caption tag from h1, h2, h3, h4 or p
General performance improvements for all latest major browsers

Notes: Component is now taking advantage of new YouTube/Vimeo iframe APIs for video playback, both libraries are currently heavily developed by google/vimeo so this may lead to some small browser inconsistencies
IE7 lacks inter frame communication so auto jump to next slide on video end feature is not available on this browser.
Update May 25th 2011

Added inner controls option (all skins)

Update May 13th 2011

Added work around to prevent the shadow from falling behind a parent div’s background image/color in certain configurations
Added lightbox integration on non-video slides
Fixed bug which prevented hyperlinks from working on non-video slides

What The Buyers Are Saying

“I couldn’t resist this gorgeous slider5 stars, keep up the great work!” -iriemans

“Thanks for prompt help on these issues. Great customer service for those reading comments and looking to buy this script.” -adb2323

“Thanks so much for this wonderful slider! It was a delight to work with it and the api is simply awesome! Keep them coming!” -RubenBristian

“I have been using a flash based image viewer for over 7 years on my website as no jQuery had up to now come close. But this is perfect, easy to install with great documentation, looks very professional and works a treat.” -deanbsays

“A real work of art… Without doubt the best looking slider and slider interface I’ve ever seen.” -francomusso

“Brilliant piece of work, easily understandable even for a noob like me! Within 15 minutes i got it up and running thanks to your “tutorial” which is really excellently written:) It comes as no surprise that this is the most popular one on CC…” – dekennosays


Crossbrowser pure JS/CSS implementation.
Ken Burns or Swipe transition modes available.
Multiple instances allowed in a single HTML page.
Slides uses only valid HTML5 markup (SEO optimized)
Won’t break layout if javascript disabled.
Works on mobile (iPhone, iPad – iOS 4.3)
Supports inline YouTube / Vimeo videos + app redirects on iOS devices (Youtube)
Optional animated popup preview thumbnails, including a Ken Burns transition.
Easily resizable.
Compatible with external fonts (like Google fonts)
Integrated animated circular timer.
Includes 4 ready to use skins.
Easily customizable via CSS file.
Custom per slide timeout and animation settings.
Optional lazy loading of images for faster loading.
Includes all required photoshop files to make a custom skin.
Comprehensive browser based documentation covering integration, customisation of the slider as well as custom skin creation.

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