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Email Ticket SupportWordPress Plugin

This Premium WordPress Plugin is for anyone who provides support to their customers via email.

Simply install this plugin on your WordPress blog and you will be up and running with a great email in no time.

NOTICE: Please please please check with your if they support the imap php extension.

It is listed in the requirements below but I’m mentioning it here as well.

Send an email to your hosting provider asking “do you support the php imap extension and the php imap_open() function?”.

Information: The same features available here for WordPress are now available as a separate product for the Ultimate Client Manager.

The allows you to keep track of your customers, and projects.

You can now process email ticket support requests within UCM (just like you can with this wordpress plugin!) Please click here for more information about this separate UCM software.

Latest Version: 2.38 – 17th June 2013
: plugin updates active.
WordPress 3.5: supported!


Reads email from and turns them into support tickets. (support for multiple accounts)
Imports attachments sent via email as well
Assigns .
Lets customers know their position in support queue.
Lightbox ticket through your blog (handy to place on your “Contact Us” page)
WordPress showing pending tickets
Admin bar notification showing number of unread tickets
Users can reply to support ticket emails and they will appear in your !
WordPress users can login to their profile page to submit tickets and view all their previous tickets
If an existing WordPress user emails in a support ticket, it will assign that support ticket to the WordPress user. If they are not a WordPress user it will still work just fine, it does not create a WordPress account for each support ticket user
Optionally display the status of your WordPress support ticket queue, so customers can see how busy you are / how long it will take to get a reply. Example click here.
Optionally embed the support ticket submission form into a WordPress page, rather than using the lightbox popup.


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