Drag and Drop Builder Plugin

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The Elegant Themes Builder is a plugin that provides some for structuring the content on your page.

The plugin creates a visual drag-and-drop canvas where you can add, arrange and re-size advanced elements on your page.

This builder appears below the normal text editor when you create a post or page, creating a unique canvas for each.

The builder allows to you quickly create columns, sliders, tabs, buttons, toggles, boxes and so much more.

Perpetual Updates

Our themes are always updated to insure compatibility with the latest version of . As a member, you get free access to all theme updates. You can rest easy knowing that your website will always be running smoothly.

Valid And Secure

Our themes use coding best practices to insure that they are fast and secure. Our themes are W3C compliant and undergo frequent security audits. Our premium themes guarantee a level of quality not always found in .

Browser Compatibility

We insure that all of our themes are compatible with the most popular . It’s important that your website performs well for everyone that visitors it.

Drag &; Drop

Never touch a line of HTML again and never deal with tons of messy shortcodes. With the Builder, you can create beautiful through our advanced visual editor.

Countless Modules

ElegantBuilder comes with some great elements that you can add to your posts and pages.

Unparralelled Support

We put a huge amount of effort into providing quality tech support to our customers. With dedicated support staff at your back, you can be sure that you will get your blog up and running without a hitch.

Drag & Drop Builder

ElegantBuilder comes powered by our and drop page builder. This module-based system allows to you build your page visually without ever having to touch a line of code or deal with a sea of messy shortcodes.

Drag your modules onto the canvas and re-size and rearrange them quickly and easily with your mouse.

You can create advanced layouts using columns and nested elements, as well as integrate widget ready sidebars and plugins. ElegantBuilder gives you a completely new set of tools for creating and managing your content.

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