Crowdfunding With WordPress

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Crowdfunding With WordPress
Fundify is the first WordPress theme that lets you create your own crowdfunding website.

If you have wanted a site like KickStarter or Indiegogo for your own projects, now you can have one using Fundify, the crowdfunding theme for WordPress.
For Things You Care About

has never been easier. Tell people what you are doing and inspire them to contribute to your campaign.

Offer and perks for your backers. You can publish your own or build a community where people can submit to your site.

Submitted campaigns will be “pending” until approved by the site administrator.
How It Works

Create a campaign: Set a goal amount, a , and inspire people to contribute to your cause.

Rewards: Setup prizes and perks for your backers based on the amount of their contribution.

Fixed and Flexible Campaigns: A fixed campaign will only collect funds if you meet your target goal. For projects where any raised is helpful, run a flexible campaign and collect the contributions even if you don’t meet the target goal amount.

Recognition and

Give credit to those who contribute to your campaign by listing the names of your backers. The comments feature in WordPress allows the backers to interact with the campaign authors.

Responsive Design and Up To Date Features

Fundify is not just an amazing WordPress theme for crowdfunding, it is a complete WordPress theme for business and blogging too! Fundify is coded with a responsive design which means it will look great no matter how you view the site.

This makes your campaigns and your easily accessible to mobile devices, tablets, and desktops alike. Complete with responsive for a contact page, full-width pages, archive pages, and more.

Fundify is up to date with support for the latest WordPress features including the WordPress theme customizer introduced in WordPress 3.4. The theme customizer lets the site admin try out various theme options before applying them to the live site.

Fundify seamlessly integrates with Easy Digital Downloads for collecting your contributions. Use the PayPal Adaptive Payments Gateway and only collect the pledged contributions if your goal is met.

Otherwise, contributions will be collected when they are pledged. Contributions can be split between the campaign author and the site admin.
Important Notes

This theme requires the free Easy Digital Downloads plugin to display the campaigns feature.

Requires our free Crowdfunding Easy Digital Downloads add-on.
Use of PayPal Adaptive Payments (paid plugin) suggested but not required.

Note: You can use any gateway you wish that is compatible with Easy Digital Downloads such as the free PayPal Standard gateway that is included with the plugin, just be advised that if you use a gateway that doesn’t support pre-approved payments your customers will be charged instantly instead of when the campaign ends/reaches its goal.

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