Creative Unified Forms

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Creative Unified Forms – WordPress Plugins

You will not believe what this WordPress plugin can make for you. You can create forms with unlimited fields, content and looks!

You will be able to do any kind of form, feedbacks, quizz, inquieryes and more just by: dragging and dropping + naming fields.

Powerful wysiwyg constructor to design any kind form.
A number of widgets. including:
Standard controls (drop-down, multiple select, textarea, text, checkbox groups and );
Text controls – to type custom text (including html);
widget – to show location on your contact form.
A variety of settings to control your form looks, including:
Translatable headers, footers and other messages;
4 templates to choose from;
6 to choose from;
customised background layer with theme

Full control over label button, you can change:
Text color, , and border-radius;
You can also upload any image as a label via ;

Visibility settings allow you to configure your form to be displayed to certain roles and on certain pages.

Unique export/ – you can export your form for others (or just clone it for yourself). You can import form samples form our site.

E- and automatic replies upon form submit. Now also featuring powerful !
Ability to embed form in any page using tinymce button and even in wordpress menu!

Configureable captcha protection:
10(!) templates to choose from;
Translateable texts and messages;
Full protection from automatic and spam submissions;

All forms (and admin interface) are fully ajaxified.


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