Constellation complete admin skin

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Constellation complete admin skinConstellation is a powerfull for building advanced backends, both for desktop and mobile users.

It provides a wide range of styles from to lists and calendars, all fluid and nestable.

This skin is build on HTML5 and CSS3 , and is powered by jQuery for maximum user experience.


HTML5 & CSS3 markup
Fluid or fixed layout, based on 960 grid system
47+ elements styles, with multiple variations
jQuery powered, fully functional even if JS is disabled
Satellite backend pages are provided: login, error with report sending, 404’s…
included – for , Android and all webkit-based mobile browsers – compatible with main template content styles
All elements are fluid (sizes are in EMs): resize just by adding a class
Detailled documentation with complete styles and functions references
2 background colors : light and dark

Pages included in the package

Main page with examples of all included styles:
Favorites list
Statistics with filters
Week & month planning
Control panel
Simple and complex forms
Advanced table block
Data grid view
File manager
4 calendars styles
Tasks and blocks
Multiple lists styles
Wizard and image gallery
Login with working ajax/php script (compatible with the mobile version)
Error page with report sending, fully fonctionnal (compatible with the mobile version)
: 400, 401, 403, 404, 500 and 503 (compatible with the mobile version)
Mobile pages
Older browser ‘Please update’ notice page, with working detection

Included styles

Navigation with
User status bar with breadcrumb
Fixed edition bar, stays on top of screen
New! Modal windows
Drop-down menu with infinite levels, embeddable in many elements
Content box with glass border, block controls and a dedicated tabs style
3 nestable tabs styles
Forms with collapsible fieldsets, visual required/validation styles and iPhone-like switches
5 messages styles
User planning with timelines, milestones, breaks, unavailable periods, current time…
Table with sort arrows
Tiny, medium, large and list calendars with multiple events listing styles
New! Week calendar view
Wizard steps
Image gallery and preview
20 different list styles with multiple variations:
Bulleted list
Small pagination
Picto list
Simple list
Collapsible list
Definition list
Accordion list
Files tree
Files list
Grid list
Tasks list with tags and comments
Blocks & mini-blocks list
Icon list
Small files icon list
Extended list


Automatic setup: no extra JS needed to enable template effects, even on AJAX loaded content
Working AJAX /php login script
AJAX instant search-form results
New! Flexible modal windows using existing content, ajax or iframe
Full featured error page, with report sending form
CSS and JS files compression system, easy to use (no server customization required)
Nestable tabs, with content height equalization, events on show/hide to setup content and browser back button enabling
Built-in tips system, with both CSS or JS setup
Multiple dedicated plugins: accessibleList (long lists pagination), ajax real-time search field…
Older browsers detection (redirect to a ‘Please update’ notice page)
Context menu (right click) plugin, with easy building function
Closable elements, just by adding one span inside
Growl-like notifications and block messages in just one function call
Ajax loading effect, with animation and Retry/cancel message on error
New! Table sorting with DataTable plugin
New! Date selector with DatePicker plugin

Template package content

HTML only template
HTML + PHP template
All template PSD files: main, mobile, special pages, favicons and slices
Detailled documentation with complete styles and functions references + code samples


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