Anticipate WordPress Theme

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Anticipate WordPress Theme
Anticipate is a plugin that allows you to serve your visitors an alternate “coming soon” page while you work on building your in the background.

Once activated, all of your visitors will be sent to the Anticipate landing page.

When logged in as a WordPress Admin, however, your normal theme appears, allowing you to build your website seamlessly in the background.

anticipate wordpress theme

Perpetual Updates

Our themes are always updated to insure compatibility with the latest version of WordPress. As a member, you get free access to all theme updates. You can rest easy knowing that your website will always be running smoothly.

Secure and Valid Code

Our themes use coding best practices to insure that they are fast and secure. Our themes are W3C compliant and undergo frequent . Our premium themes guarantee a level of quality not always found in free themes.

Browser Compatibility

We insure that all of our themes are compatible with the most popular . It’s important that your website performs well for everyone who visits it.

We put a ton of effort into providing top-notch tech support to all of our customers. With our dedicated support staff at your back, you can be sure that you will have your blog up and running without a hitch no matter what your experience level is.


All of our themes have been localized for easy . Included with each theme are sets of .mo and .po files that can be used to translate the theme, which means you wont have to spend hours editing .

Plugin Options

Anticipate comes with an easy to use options page that allows to you configure the plugins in minutes.

Anticipate comes with an animated and progress bar, helping you to build hype about your upcoming release before its even ready.

Email Collection

The plugins includes an email subscribe form that allows interested visitors to add their email address to an interest list. These emails are stored in the database, and can be exported from within the options page.

Social Networking

Social networking icons are added to the coming soon page, allowing you to increase your online presence and gain a following before your website even launches.

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